Super Spoon Set

The Mad Hungry Collection

The super spoon features elevated diamonds in a circular pattern to finely grate garlic, ginger, or anything else you can imagine; small round holes to lift any food from liquid and strain (also great for squeezing citrus to catch the pits); and rectangular slots on the end to mash potatoes, hard boiled eggs, squash, and anything else you can imagine. The angle of the curve of the spoon allows you to safely lift food from boiling liquid. The super spoon is accompanied by a scooper spurtle: great for scooping, and stirring; also excellent for adding a small amount of oil or water to a pan - it’s capacity is three tablespoons. 

- Length of Super Spoon: 11.25 inches 

- Length of Scooper Spurtle: 10.5 inches 

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